Captain Lawrence Brewing Company – Smoked Porter – 4 out of 7 Smokestacks

Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company – Smoked Porter. The campfire smell stands up right off the bat. It looks a little lighter than Coca-Cola. Pours well, virtually no head, but was just fine with carbonation on the tongue. Presents a respectable smokepower taste, but not the strongest around. The smell really carries the beer. The taste is missing something, however. On the back of the throat I get a bit of a tart hoppiness flavor. And NO SILT:) Feel free to just dump it right down into your glass. Things I look for on labels (when scanning entire walls of beers): Images of barrels, logs, campfires, and some form of the word smoke. This bottle has all of those. Honest beer. Overall Happiness: 4 out of 7 Smokestacks

Brewer Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.
Beer Name Smoked Porter
Brewer’s Description A complex beer, with layers of flavors unfolding as this beer slides down your throat. Before the introduction of indirect-fired malt kilns, all beers had a smoky flavor. Today only a handful of brewers produce beer reminiscent of those of the past. We use imported German smoked malt to add depth and complexity to our Smoked Porter.
Food Pairings Smoked or grilled meats
Brewer Location Elmsford, New York
Alcohol content by volume 6.0%
IBU (International Bitterness Units) 45
Beer opacity rate 1 – 7 (light – dark) 5
Smell smoke? 1 – 7 (No – George Burns) 5
Sausage detection? Y or N N
Smokepower taste: 1 – 7 Smokestacks 4
Overall Happiness: 1 – 7 (low – high) 4

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