Welcome to the most comprehensive site on earth dedicated solely to smoked beer.

Imagine for a moment that you were grilling sausage links and one mistakenly rolled off the grill and fell down into the charcoal. After a few minutes of trying to retrieve this meat product you successfully pulled out a black, crusty, and severely charred clump of something that was once edible. And now imagine that someone made a beer out of it. That is the flavor that I look for in a great smokebeer, and this is something that SmokeBeerMinistry must bestow upon the entire world.

The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness of smokebeers. In recent years, beer snobery has widened the reach of rare and unusual kinds of beers. One of these kinds of beers is smokebeer, which is sometimes called rauchbier (German for smoked something). The smoky flavor comes from smoking the ingredients before brewing beer. The end result can vary from mild to intense smoky aromas and tastes.

We are about smoke flavored beers. Some connoisseurs of beer have completely forgotten how much they like smoked meats, cheeses, salmon, and nuts. SmokeBeerMinistry is here to share the fact that beer and the delicious smoky flavor have been married for millennia, and maybe get drunk while doing so.

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