Woodchuck Hard Cider – Celler Series – Smoked Apple – 5 out of 7

Woodchuck Hard Cider Smoked AppleWoodchuck Hard Cider – Celler Series – Smoked Apple Purchased at The Hobbit Cafe in Houston TX Richmond Ave. Love that place.

I’m not really a cider guy, I’m a smoke guy. So, it didn’t matter if this was a good cider or not, and how would I know anyway? The fact of the matter is that this is smoked, and I drank it. Speaking of facts, as I transcribe these hand written notes, it appears to be a fact that this cider beer was not the first one I had that night. The following is the original review, verbatim:

Overall Happiness : 5 of 7, one point deduction for not being beer. Sausage, maybe not sausage, but the crispy, blackened, burnt edges of sausage. Beautiful autumn red/brown 3 4 of 7. One of my favorite “beers” drinks is a snakebite, where I’ve had a different kind in almost every place I’ve gotten one. Some with Harp, some Guinness, some with Grenadine, casis liquor, some not. 

Campfire? 5 of 7

Nose? 2 of 7

My wife said “this is disgusting.”

Brewer Woodchuck
Beer Name Smoked Apple
Brewer’s Description Our latest cider straight from Woodchuck cellar is hitting shelves nationwide! Woodchuck Cellar Series Smoked Apple is a full-bodied deep amber cider featuring crisp apple notes and hints of vanilla on an applewood smoked backdrop.  A well-balanced, limited run cider that is perfect for the cooler days ahead.
Food Pairings Pie, apple
Brewery Location Middlebury, VT
Alcohol content by volume 6.5%
IBU (International Bitterness Units) 20
Beer opacity rate 1 – 7 (light – dark) 2.5
Smell smoke? 1 – 7 (No – George Burns) 4
Sausage detection? Y or N Y
Smokepower taste: 1 – 7 Smokestacks 3
Beer thickness 1-7 (water – used motor oil) 2
Overall Happiness: 1 – 7 (sad – happy) 5

They’re proud of this smoked cider:


About SmokeBeerMinistry

I like beers that taste like smoke.
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