Weyermann® – Nr. 1 Schlotfegerla® = A strong 6 smokestacks out of 7. Definitely trademarked.

I found this in Bamberg during the Great Smokebeer Pilgrimage.

Weyermann® – Number 1 Schlotfegerla® is a strong trademarked beer by a company (Weyermann®) that makes the best malts in the world. The sell their malts to breweries mostly, and decided to branch out and make beer at some point I suppose. And this beer, Number 1, tastes just like the beers in Bamberg, Germany taste. And Weyermann happens to be located in Bamberg, the motherland of smoked beer. Beechwood smoked malts always deliver the aromas and flavors that the ministers at SmokeBeerMinistry savor, and this beer sure lets them come through in the glass. I wonder if Weyermann supplies Aecht Schlenkerla with their malts, which Schlenkerla happens to smoke themselves, deep inside a mountain, that I saw for myself, but that’s another story. And enough of this story, or any story, Nr. 1 Schlotfegerla gets 6 Smokestacks of decadence. Excellent effort here.

Beer NameNr 1 – Schlotfegerla®
Brewer’s DescriptionOur Schlotfegerla® is a full-bodied, dark smoke beer. The fine beechwood- smoky notes combined with the aroma of espresso invite you to take your first sip. On the tongue it impresses with pronounced notes of malt reminiscent of dark chocolate and bread crust. Together with the fine smoky impressions it becomes an harmonious, characterful beer that goes well with flavors combine meats and ham.
Food PairingsA full on dinner, served in a restaurant that makes you feel like you just walked, uninvited, into someone’s dining room.
Brewer LocationBamberg, Germany
Alcohol content by volume5.2
IBU (International Bitterness Units)no
Beer opacity rate 1 – 7 (light – dark)5.5
Smell smoke? 1 – 7 (No – George Burns)5
Smokepower taste: 1 – 7 Smokestacks6
Sausage detection? Y or NY
Beer thickness 1-7 (water – used motor oil)4
Foaminess 1-7 (thin ring – rabid dogs mouth)5. A good 5. Seven is actually bad
Overall Happiness Rating: 1-7 (low – high)6
If we quantify feelings with numbers, then we can pick which child we’d choose, and measure the size of the hole in your soul.

Great website. What I like most is that this is a malt company, that also happens to make beer, and does other things apparently. So, you have to look around to find the beer page:

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