De Molen – Bloed, Zweet & Tranen – 5.75 smokestacks out of 7


De Molen tabernacle takeover month continues with this angelically aromatic beer! Smoky. Like a full on rauchbier, which really is the main direction that SmokeBeerMinistry is driving at; think campfires, charcoal grills, and smokehouses. Although there are some beers with a low smoke profile that score high, the campfire smoky flavor almost always catapults the score well above average. Bloed, Zweet, & Tranen beer by De Molen Brouwerij is a good example of a good beer by a great brewery, who would benefit by focusing on filtering and/or minimizing the particles floating around inside their beers. I don’t mind a little silt here and there in unpasteurized, unfiltered beers, but that changes the product over time, and it might help the customer if they knew what they were going to get before opening. This beer had tons of flakes all swirling around in there. Plus, carbonation really starts to fade after a few years, and these De Molen beers are such slow movers on liquor store shelves, that it’s rare to find anything younger that 3 years old. This sweet and smoky stout delivers the personification of a rich person drinking from a snifter, although I only have this shaker glass to drink from. I didn’t get any chocolate or coffee notes out of this, just rich smoke, sugar, and a touch of peat in there. I would like to drink this again, perhaps something right out of the brewery, but I’m not too keen on paying another $8+ for a gamble on something that may have gone awry in the bottle. Bloed, Zweet, & Tranen is sweet, smoky, good. Overall smokestack metric = 5.75 smokestacks

Brewer De Molen
Beer Name Bloed, Zweet, & Tranen
Brewer’s Description Bloed, Zweet & Tranen is not for those looking for something easy. Heavily smoked, loads of chocolate and roasted malts. Yet a beer you can still enjoy all evening long. Flavourindication: Smoke, chocolate, roasted malts. Translates as Blood Sweat & Tears
Food Pairings Pecan pie, Smoked almonds or pistachios, digestifs
Brewer Location Bodegraven, the Netherlands
Alcohol content by volume 8.2%
IBU (International Bitterness Units) 29 EBU
Beer opacity rate 1 – 7 (light – dark) 5.8 (EBC 169)
Smell smoke? 1 – 7 (No – George Burns) 6.7
Smokepower taste: 1 – 7 Smokestacks 5
Sausage detection? Y or N N
Beer thickness 1-7 (water – used motor oil) 6
Overall Happiness Rating: 1-7 (low – high) 5.75

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