Cedar Creek – Scruffy’s Smoked Alt (draft) 4 out of 7.

Cedar Creek Scruffy's Smoked Alt

So I’m doing an off the cuff post with my phone again, only this time I’m in a hurry. I’m at a Whole Foods in Houston where Cedar Creek Scruffy’s Smoked Alt is on tap for $5 pint. My wife is somewhere in here getting things for our superbowl party this evening and when she.finds me sitting at the bar drinking she won’t be happy. Anyway, right off the bat, I’m not smelling anything but a slight hint of smoke (1 out of 7) and the smokepower taste unit comes in at half, .5 out of 7 units. I guess if you use smoked stuff when you brew it, you owe it to your audience to mention this before you sell it, but what about me? Did Cedar Creek think about Smoke Beer Ministry before they rolled this out? I guess not. On a side note, a grocery store is not a good atmosphere for regular bar folk. Lots of energy in here. The kind of energy that encourages 68 year old women to get breast implants and persuades senior men to grow ponytails and chase these women back to their condos. At least the kids are out of the house. The redeeming quality of the place is that I get to drink while witnessing this afternoon geriatric meat market; couldn’t handle it sober. And for the beer, it could be a crowd pleaser. No offensive or overpowering flavors here at all. Definitely a gateway smoked beer. Hints of smoke, hints of bitterness, amber color. It might be the Coors Light of smokebeers. I can’t say I disliked it, I will have another, they did it right, but could have done it righter. Final score, 4 out of 7…

However, This beer was later found in a can (above), and the results were considerably worse. More on that to come.

They got a nice set-up:


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